Defending Debt Lawsuits

Once you have been sued by a debt collector, it is IMPORTANT that a proper Answer be filed with the court in a TIMELY MANNER to prevent a DEFAULT JUDGMENT. 

At REB Law Firm, we will file a TIMELY ANSWER and DEFENSES for your lawsuit.  

Our signup process is fast, simple, and can be done remotely.  

We only charge FLAT FEES.  

We do not believe in an hourly rate.  

There are no surprises with the fee.  

We can work out an AFFORDABLE  monthly payment plan.  

The fee is fixed and will be clearly explained to you.

Once retained, we will get your answer on file with the Court to prevent a default judgment. We will list all necessary defenses and ensure documents are served and filed pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure.

We will appear for you at any Court hearings .

The resolution of your case depends on a variety of factors including: The Court; The Creditor, The Creditor Attorney/Law Firm, and the Documents that the Plaintiff is prepared to show the Court at trial.

                                  COMMON COLLECTION AGENCIES THAT WE FIGHT FOR YOU!


                                       Midland Funding LLC                                                  Arrow Financial                                                                Troy Capital LLC

                                  NorthStar Capital Acquisition                              Integras Capital Recovery LLC                                                   Autovest LLC

                                              Pharia LLC                                                      Harvest Credit Management                                                       NCEP LLC

                                    Crown Asset Management                                         LVNV Funding LLC                                                                    CACH LLC

                                    Equable Ascent Financial                                        Asset Acceptance LLC                                                   Jefferson Capital Systems

                                      Hudson & Keyse LLC                                             Atlantic Credit and Finance                                        Bluebonnet Financial LLC

                                 Samara Portfolio Management                                            Unifund                                                                         

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